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Friday, May 09, 2008

How Much YUI is too much? PRACA says "No Such Thing!"

So since most of the world doesn't get to use PRACA aka MAS (Mission Assurance Systems) you don't get to see how cool version 2.0 will be. But I assure you it is. What is so cool? Well first it uses almost every part of YUI. In fact I'll list it for you and how we use it!

  • Animation : very sparsely because it can get hoaky, but it is still fun to use!
  • AutoComplete: We use it for our User Select areas, as will Bugzilla once it gets back to them.
  • Browser History Manger: We use it to let uses bookmark tabs as well as groups, it's a very cool utility and is great for any site that wants to makes javascript tabs bookmark-able, which is pretty sweet.
  • Calendar: We use Bugzilla's Custom Date field
  • Connection Manger: We use it all over to connect to various instances of MAS
  • Cookie: This is a SUPER nice utility, I especially like subcookies. We use it to store lots of our cookie info such as our nice record save improvements.
  • Container: We use it as tooltips, help text, resizable panels, the saved searches area... well all over!
  • Data Source: We use it in combination with the Data Table
  • Data Table: We use this for letting users select bugs and groups that they want to link to, yeah MAS has bugs that are so big, they have internal linking!!
  • DOM: I'm not sure how anyone can avoid using this great little utility.
  • Drag & Drop: We use it for reordering groups
  • Event: Um... duh, this is just great, and I love it!
  • JSON: the latest edition we use it to talk with our spell checker, yeah our IE users don't have spell checkers built into their browsers.
So as you can see we've got a lot, and loading all of this YUI stuff isn't free, it takes about 200ms, but totally worth it. If you all in the Bugzilla community have any questions let me know, but overall I'm very happy with YUI and I recommend it to anyone who wants a nice library with lots of useful widgets and utilities in it. That isn't to say JQuery or Prototype aren't great, but YUI has a lot of nice stuff that focuses on adding widgets and utilities to JavaScript instead of adding core functionality to the language itself.

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