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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bugs, in code and in life

So MAS (formerly known as PRACA) is now in bug fixing mode, which ironically I have learned to love. Unlike feature development, which requires lots of time thinking hard about how to get a design to work within the constraints of browsers, usually just Firefox, and also with good performance it takes a lot of thought. Which while very fun, after many months of it, along with the even more complex design work that I do, my brain gets kinda tired. So when bugs come around it is pretty straight forward. Firefox has Firebug, IE has a few tools that are no where near as nice as Firebug, but much like tea leaves, you can learn to read them, sorta. So I have learned to enjoy the straightforwardness of bug fixing. Something is broken, I fix it! Granted experience has taught me how to fix these bugs, so I never really get confused by them... except for when pure HTML crashes IE, that I like less. But I digress... the point is bug fixing is usually a pretty mild task, that just requires me to work through the possibilities, mark a bug as fixed and then move on to the next one. Unlike features which might take me between 8 and 16 hours of work, a bug takes between 8 and 16 minutes, it's the difference between playing some crazy RPG for a week vs a game of Wii Tennis, both are fun, but you need to change it up.

Now bugs in life on the other hand are MUCH less fun. The bug I am referring to is the loss of my cell phone. A total bummer. I've tried to fix it by calling caltrain and hopefully my lost phone will be found. But this experience has taught me some interesting work arounds for life sans cell phone, mostly how to use IM as a text messaging service, because I don't use my cell phone for much more than that 90% of the time, but it defiantly feels like life without my voice. Sure I can function, I've got IM and I can write stuff down, but talking was so nice! But the good part is, this could be my excuse to get an iPhone, or maybe one of those neato gPhones. Talk about turning a big lemon into lemonade.

Finally, something that is just super duper cool and I must share... The Nintendo Coffee Table. For someone who is ready to buy a Wii just so he can play Zelda, Mario Bros, Mario 3, and Tecmo Bowl again, this is a dream.

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