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Friday, May 09, 2008

My Podcasts

I LOVE my nano and podcasts! I listen to them walking to the train, waiting for the train, on the train, on the shuttle, at work, at home... well basically everywhere! So I thought I'd share my list with the web and maybe the web would share some good podcasts with me! So without further adieu here is my list of podcasts in the order that i prefer to listen to them to.
These are the ones that I listen to the most, sometimes I listen to others, but not really. So I guess this proves I'm a wacky liberal in SF, but oh well. I find most of these podcasts informative and humorous. Hopefully you do too.

Just to note, I used to listen to "This Week In Tech" aka TWIT, however, at some point I realized these guys sounded more like me and my friends hanging around the bar and less like an insightful and well researched show. And while I have many friends who love this and other shows like it (think Diggnation). Once you live in Silicon Valley, it's just a different set of people talking shop, and it isn't as fun anymore, that being said, if you don't live here I'm sure it is a ton of fun to listen to.

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