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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Suggestions for Bugzila 4.0 part 1

There are lots of things that could use some improvement in Bugzilla, I think everyone is in agreement with that. But the question is what do I work on first?

This is the first part of an unknown number of postings about what I and others would like to see in the next version of Bugzilla and hopefully I can update this post with the bug numbers that match the enhancements. Some of these are enhancements that we have done over here at NASA and want to give back to the Bugzilla community.

  1. Make the homepage useful for signed in users (maybe everyone!) Bug 130835
  2. Make a user preference for where comments go Bug 398473 and Bug 371645
  3. New Reports Widget Bug 412685
  4. Menu for saved Searches with filter Bug 324402
  5. Menu for Admin prefs Bug 400674
  6. Option for HTML email that presents information in a more readable form Bug 65477
  7. AJAX search suggestions in the cc field and reassign field, similar to a web-based email client (which i think is in 3.2 already)
  8. The ability to have inline images in comments. Bug 252782

Other than that my hope is to have features that will help get User Experience people more involved with bug tracking and fixes. I'm less sure how we can do this and perhaps some UI folks have some suggestions.

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