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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Better Comment/Thread support

So as I use BMO more and more I've noticed that 90% of the work that is done is via the comments. This isn't at all how we use it for our NASA work, but after talking to a co-worker if the comments system supported more threading, inline images and linking to threads it might be useful to both. I also talked to some guys at Mozilla and it seems they share this need as well, well at least the UI guys do :P.

It seems clear that different groups have different needs (duh), but that's another thread, I'm going to focus on the threads for this entry.

So what would we like to see? Well based on discussions here is what i could come up with:
  1. Actual threads, not just reply to's, maybe with twiddles to open and close the threads.
  2. Linking to attachments, especially when people approve or decline them.
  3. Inline attachments (images mostly). This is REALLY helpful for designers
  4. Syntax and code highlighting. Really useful for developers, hopefully we can use a plug-in method
However, as a mozilla member suggested, we don't want to turn Bugzilla into a strange form of a message board. Things to think about.

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