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Monday, March 15, 2010

YUI and the recordvalueupdateevent event!

This weekend I had a fairly basic task. I had 2 tables with checkboxes that were populated with data and 1 widget that was supposed to listen to changes in the tables.

I could have just wired my widget into the checkboxes, but that didn't seem like the correct way to do it. Instead I decided to wire the widget into the data model. But the thing that really ended up getting me is to use the recordvalueupdateevent, which is basically the only way to listen to updates in a record set requires 2 things.

1. you have to use this.getRecordSet().updateRecordValue()
2. you have to create the event! .getRecordSet().createEvent('recordValueUpdateEvent');

If you don't do these 2 things you won't be able to get this to work

Below are the two ways i could have done it. Actual code to come in the future.

My hope is someone else who gets stuck with this will be able to find it.
Thanks to http://mart.kiev.ua/yui-recordset-events who wrote about this in Russian or some other slovic language which google helpfully translated to English!

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