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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A new Login Form for Bugzilla

So we've gotten lots of great feedback on the homepage, it's been really helpful and we're talking to folks about redoing the icons, making sure that the big icons are the right choice and much more. Wait for a post to find out more about the future of the homepage!

But we're also working on the log in process, attempting to make that easier as well!

Here is a view of the current log in form as it exists on the head.

One of the problems with this UI is that you can't reset your password very easily from this page, or any other page really. The nice part is, you can log in from any page, and not have to go through some intermediate page.

So here is the solution we've though of to make it easier to reset your password or log in from any page in Bugzilla.

How it appears if you've never come to the page

What happens when you click on log in, cursor focused on the log in. This is also what happens if the browser auto fills in your username and password.

This is what you'll see if you click on the forgot password link.

I omitted a close icon for now because it didn't seem necessary, but maybe you guys think it is. Let me know!

We're also adding a link to the reset password on the bad username/password error page.

One more thing to note about how this form will work. If the browser auto-fills your username and password, we'll make sure the javascript on the page detects your username and password and displays them to you, so you don't have to click the login hyperlink to login. We're hoping this will maintain the 1 click to login capability that so many people like.

This isn't something that will magically make Bugzilla super easier to use, but hopefully this will take us one step closer to a more usable Bugzilla.

As always feedback is really appreciated and unlike my previous post, I'll get emailed when you guys comments, so hopefully i can respond to your feedback in a more timely manner. Can't wait to hear your opinions.


  1. No need for a close button. If the focus leaves the input and the input is empty just toggle back to the default.

    PS - requiring some form of openid is a big turn off for commenting.

  2. Looks good. What do you see with JS disabled?

  3. In response to the anonymous person I turned of requiring an open ID, but please let me know who you are so that i can contact you for follow up questions.

  4. If JS is disabled you'd just get the links, nothing special

  5. @Guy - It wasn't meant to be anonymous. Apparently that's what my yahoo open id is (?). Anyway, I certainly prefer name+url, thanks.

  6. How about this flow, which unifies the normal-login, password-reset and new-account cases:

    There are two fields, username and password, collectively labelled (e.g.) “Log in or join”.

    The user enters a username and optionally a password.

    1. If both are recognised, the user is logged in straight away.

    2. If the password is blank or unrecognised, the user can either correct their input, or they can enter whatever else you need to reset their password.

    3. If the username is unrecognised, the user can either correct their input, or they can complete all the extra fields needed to create a new account.

    So, for example: if the user tries to log into a non-existent account they think they already have, they're offered the option to create such an account.

    If they try to log into a real account but with a different password, they're offered the option to change the password.

  7. Using the same form for new accounts and existing ones seems confusing to me. That's not what I would expect and no other website behaves this way.

  8. Sir, can u tell me where the bugzilla varify the loginname and password of the user like this
    "select userid from profiles where loginname=? and cryptpassword=?"
    it's urgent sir please tell me as soon as possible thanks.

  9. sounds like you've got a support question, you can email support questions to support-bugzilla@lists.mozilla.org

    as far as your question, it is found in the profiles table.