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Friday, September 05, 2008

Google Chrome, no Undo Close Tab?!?

I was a bit shocked when Google chrome came out without an undo close tab. Google and NASA helped Mozilla do a lot of research for Firefox 3 on how people use tabs, so I would have thought that Google's browser would have incorporated one of my favorite features that were designed for this purpose, undo close tab!

Granted it might be one of the least well known features in FF3, but I think it rocks. I close the wrong tab at least once a day, and it's mostly b/c i get over eager clicking the close tab or control-w.

The point is, making everything in a browser undo-able is super useful, I wish it would be made a full fledged feature instead of something you can only get to by right-clicking on the tabs that remain.

So Google, take your own advice to other browsers and add an close tab to the undo stack... please?

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