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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Status: Busy

So I have not posted to the blog except for the previous random posting which I actually wrote more than a month ago.

The reason is, I've been super busy with work! I lived in Tucson supporting the Phoenix mission for 3 weeks and I actually wrote blog posting, they're just not public, sorry.

Then I came back to support the release of cxMAS aka cxPRACA 2.0, you can check it out, well the homepage at least (https://cxhazards.nasa.gov). Because of the release cycle we were unable to support Firefox 3.0, which is a bummer. Just not enough testers and we were still working on seeing if our selenium test cases worked. Firefox 3 went from beta to released super fast it seemed, or at least for those of us on Mars time.

I came back to Mountain View in June and have been working on the release of cxMAS and now the release of MSLICE. We've got one more release and then... I'll post the YUI screen scrolling animation that I promised to post.

Anyway, that's a heads up, i haven't forgotten about the blog. Also if you're REALLY interested you can follow me on twitter. But there I'm more just spouting total randomness.

Oh and Dr Horrible (http://drhorrible.com) go, now before it is off the internets!

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