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Thursday, April 03, 2008

TV On the Web... My Dreams have come True

So at first I thought life was grand because of hulu.com. Thanks to the writter's strike I was made aware of it (yay writer's strike). I got my private beta invite and off i was to watching tons of TV.

Then Netflix.com came out with unlimited Movie watching for people who used Netflix (which is me) so I got even more TV on the web (too bad i can only use this service on windows machines).

Then Hulu.com went public and it added movies too!! Holy moly!

Of course there is NBC.com, ABC.com and CBS.com which all have a lot of shows sometimes... but not all the time. But I have not been a big fan of them.

Of course there is Adult Swim Videos, Comedy Central Vidoes and now... by far the most exciting thing EVER.... South Park Studios [beta]. Yup, my favorite cartoon, well maybe tied with Robot Chicken, is now fully available on the web.

Yes most of these sites have commercials, but I think that is great. I'm 200% for having commercials on websites because my main desire to having TV on the web is because I want to be able to watch shows when I want. I don't mind having a minute worth of commercials if I can watch the shows when I want! Now if only the studio execs would realize that having older seasons and older shows available won't take away from their DVD sales... well one can dream...

Well good luck to all these guys. I hope you make tons of money and keep it up.

PS. For those who are wondering what's on Hulu, you can see the list here. My personal favorites are: Bones, Battlestar Galactica, My Name is Earl, Heroes, House, 30 Rock, and the Simpsons. Canceled shows like Firefly and Buffy can also be found there.

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