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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Don't forget the "back" button

So Edit Bug (template/en/default/bug/edit.html.tmpl) has kinda become a favorite of mine, but something not many people know is that Edit Bug has to be tested in a few ways to make sure it works properly. Here is the checklist I check when I am about to submit a patch to Edit Bug.
  • It works how I expect/wrote it, ie all the permutations etc.
  • It works when there is an error on the bug page (i like alias set to 1111) and then the user hits back. Basically this should appear as the user left it when they hit back. ie... if things are revealed they should be re-revealed automatically.
  • It still "works" when JS is turned off
  • It fits on a small screen, defined as 1024×768 and wraps nicely
I'm sure there are some more, so tell me what you think they are. I'm also glad to see people taking the idea that BMO inspired and taking it to the next level such as Bug 424215. So thanks.

Finally, sorry to all those folks who are finding these bugs with BMO's version of Edit Bug, but please don't file them against bugzilla, they're a BMO bug, Edit Bug in bugzilla should pass all of these tests.


  1. Yeah, I totally agree about Joss Whedon! :-)

    Have you seen Kyle XY? That is by far my new favorite TV show. All the episodes are actually on that site in a Flash player. (Don't watch the one that comes up automatically, though, that's the last one, not the first one! :-D)


  2. Hello Sir, i want to know how to check admin is login in bugzilla using php