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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Oh the features you'll see!

So with Bugzilla 3.2 more or less in freeze and not getting any new fun-ness; the list of things people want for 4.0 are growing! There is of course the possibility of there being a 3.4, but with bug 398281 and bug 415813 chomping at its heals, it is doubtful that there will be a 3.4, and instead just a 4.0.

Here is a list of the bugs I plan on getting done for 4.0
  • Useful Homepage (blocking on webservices getting done)
  • removal of all hard coded styles including brs!
  • Improve the UI for tagging bugs (yup, TAGS!)
  • Tabular and graphical reports should be sortable
  • Saved searches should be available from a menu
  • page to request forgotten password unclear
  • Redo the footer search navigation on buglist.cgi
  • Hovering the Administration link should open a menu with links to separate admin pages
Yup, it's a lot. Although to be fair, most of it will be derived from PRACA.

In other news. I had a really great talk with a Bugzilla user that reminded me of the the importance of thinking of the visually impaired. Bug 420288 shows that we as designers/developers always need to think about those who can't see as well as us, once again... the user is not like me. So I just wanted to say thanks to john elion for doing such a great job of telling us what the problems were that he was encountering and showing us some problems with the UI, namely that finding the format for printing button isn't so easy to find. So... Thanks!

Lastly, I want to make another plea for usability people out there to help out with Bugzilla. We all know the UI needs help, but the project only prospers as much as those who work on it help out. You'd be amazed how much any 1 person can do for a project like this. So if you're interested, email me!

Back to the salt mines

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