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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fieldsets, printing and firefox don't get along

There are few things that have given me headaches like fieldsets and printing in firefox. We've basically removed all fieldsets from our code to take care of issues we've been having field content being cut off by firefox not printing fieldsets correctly. I know i should file a bug against firefox, but it seems to not be so bad in firefox 3.0 and it's easier to just fix it in our code than file the bug... yeah i know, bad me.

Anyway, if anyone happens to find this page, yes, firefox 2.0 also has printing problems. Bug 234015 says it fixed the problem, but i've got at least one page where it doesn't. If a firefox developer reads this and says, "HEY YOU! file that bug, then maybe i will". First i'll say, well i wanted to ask about it in the IRC channel but i couldn't find the irc channel. Anyway, it's annoying. Fieldset != my_friend

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  1. Has there been an update in firefox to fix this problem since this post?